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The Voyager Team


Family owned and operated, Voyager Dog Food Company is on a mission to help provide a safe and nutritious dog food to enhance not only their daily health but their overall longevity. Our team shares a passion for dogs, and the connection we are lucky to make with our customers. All of our recipes are created by a veterinarian, a food scientist, a PHD nutritionist, and are packaged and shipped by a team that will answer the phone when you call.


  • Dr. Pete VanVranken


    Dr. Pete VanVranken, DVM

    A practicing Veterinarian for 49 years, Dr. Pete loves classic cars, is a huge Michigan State fan and loves his career as a vet. He brings the same amount of care and passion to every client he meets. For him it’s all about what’s best for the animals.

  • Tim Vande Glessen


    Tim Vande Giessen

    A passionate, fun-loving guy specializing in animal and food sciences. In his career, Tim has worked for the top CPG companies, started businesses and holds multiple patents. When not conquering the dog food world, he enjoys fishing, hunting, and adventuring with his Brittany, Macey.

  • Molly VanVranken

    Director of Sales

    Molly VanVranken

    A lifetime of watching her father combine science with his passionate care for animals in the family veterinarian clinic has fostered a deep love of dogs in Molly. Watch for her and her dog Sage on the Voyager road show when it comes to your area. Molly is a proud graduate of Northern Michigan University.

  • Ben Dowdy

    Director of Operations

    Ben Dowdy

    A graduate of Northern Michigan University, Ben is the force that keeps the business running smoothly. Treating every client as if its Voyagers only — Ben’s passion for the business (and his own dog Duke) comes through every day.


  • Sage

    Nap Director


    Sage is always napping. Whether at a trade show or in the office she always reminds us that its ok to relax from time to time.

  • Duke

    Fun Coordinator


    Duke loves coming into the office and helping Ben with his day to day activities. Tail constantly wagging.

  • Stetson

    Official Greeter


    Stetson loves going to tradeshows to say hello to everyone that walks in the booth. His wagging tail and slobbery kisses makes people feel very welcome.

  • Macey

    Official Taster


    Macey is our official product tester. As a high energy sporting dog it is important to see how our food performs for all different types of breeds.

It's good if your dog likes our food, but it's better if our food likes your dog.