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Getting a dog food that fits your dogs needs shouldn't be so difficult, so we make it easy.

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  • Shinier Coat

    See a difference in your dogs coat health.

  • Created And Backed By Science

    Created by a Veterinarian, PHD Nutritionalist and dog food specialist. A scientific team that cares about the health of your dog as if it were their own.

  • No Beef, Milk, or Wheat

    Formulated without common ingredients that have been linked to skin and ear infections.

  • Grain inclusive

    Every Voyager recipe is formulated with grain to promote heart health. Grains contain a wide range of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that contribute to good heart health.



I saw a complete difference in my dog within one bag! She has so much more energy and feels like a puppy again.

Hailey S.
Posted 1/10/22

My dog suffered from skin issues and once we switched him to Voyager Dog Food, we saw a complete difference. Now he has a shiny coat and no longer has skin issues.

Ellie T.
Posted 3/23/23

My dog was diagnosed with copper storage disease. we found this food online and chose it because of the natural copper. We are so thankful that our dog is on a food that prevents CSD.

Jess W.
Posted 8/02/22

Brodie loves Voyager dog food. i put him on the food a year ago and It keeps him active all year long and ensures that he is happy and healthy.

Tristan S.
Posted 2/22/23

Since I put Buddy on Voyager dog food it has been such a relief knowing that he will finish every meal since he is a picky eater.

Jon J.
Posted 5/17/23

My dog had high liver enzymes and was diegnosed with copper storage disease. After 4 months of being on the food, his liver enzymes returned to a normal range!

Noah R.
Posted 11/13/22
Dog and Runner about to go for a run

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